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At Car Transport Broker, we work harder to move your car by helping you source a delivery company that can fulfil your car transportation requirements with the best price, lead time and service. Our service is free and by working with a range of partners throughout the UK and Europe, we are able to offer a greater range of services and transport options than any other company can provide.

We have the experience to ensure that your delivery requirements are dealt with in a professional manner. Car Transport Broker is used by private individuals, car dealers, car traders, manufacturers and other car transport companies to assist them with their delivery requirements.

To make things as easy as possible, when you submit your delivery requirements to us, we identify the transport companies that are best able to satisfy your delivery requirements. We submit your delivery requirements to them and ask them to contact you directly.

Our tendering process ensures that a range of quality carriers are always competing for your business providing you with the optimum price, lead time and service for your movements be they single units or volumes of 100+.

Our services include:

Single unit deliveries for private individuals

We offer private individuals pan European collection and delivery service for individual cars. The wide range of carriers that we use ensures that loads can be collected and delivered promptly. We specialise in the transportation of imported vehicles using our network of UK and European carriers.
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Specialist movements of classic and high value cars

Specialist movements of high value, classic and sports cars, including covered deliveries, urgent and timed deliveries, can be handled using our specialist movement partners. They have a broad range of skills to ensure that your prestige or priority vehicle is dealt with in the most appropriate manner.
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Deliveries for UK motor dealers and car traders

We can arrange nationwide delivery of new and used vehicles to trade or retail premises by car transporter or trade plate driver. We can help with both one off movements and regular deliveries. In addition we can help companies find transport partners with which they can establish long term contract relationships.
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Worldwide Shipping Services

We can arrange the worldwide shipping of your motor car, into or out of the UK to countries around the world at highly competitive rates, using quality shipping partners. These partners can also offer you all the additional services and options that you would expect including ro-ro or container services, port handling, local customs clearance, insurance and doorstep collection and delivery.
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Deliveries within North America and Canada

We can arrange delivery of your car throughout North America, using our network or partner companies in Canada and the USA. Companies offer both priority and cost driven services letting you choose the company and service that best suits you.
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